Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Gardens

Yes, yes, I know that if I call this blog post 'The Gardens' that could give people the wrong idea about the size of my ENORMOUS estate, but hey, there's a bit of garden at the front, a bit of garden at the back, so it's definitely 'gardens' plural. Anyway, here are a few photos, taken recently:

The Front

Topiary is in as planned, and has been joined by Vera, a statue from Haddonstones - so named is she is 'Spring' from a set of the four seasons. 

The Back

The cosmos have gone bonkers, VERY late in the year (November as I write, and although the photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, they are still splendid).  However, I think they are a bit much for the size of the flower bed, so they may not be replaced next year, and I will try to find something a little more restrained.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

And finally!

I have been here nearly two years now, and thought I should make an effort to update the blog for the final rooms in the house. That's it - I shall now feel no more guilt about unfinished business.  I just might put up some garden pictures from time to time - after all, a garden's never finished, is it?

Bedroom 3 - before and (sort of) after

OK, I'm sorry - this room is STILL an overflow for things that need to find a place, even after nearly two years, but I WILL get those pictures hung one day, LP's stored, and books found a home for somewhere.

The Bathroom - before and after

The utility room and porch - before and after

So - the old kitchen disappeared, to be replaced by a small porch and more GARDEN. 

And a blocked-up window was re-opened to give some more light in the utility room.

The Dining Room - before and after

Sunday, 22 November 2015


It's almost three months since I last updated the blog, I think my heart isn't in it so much, I'm just happy to get on with living life here in Finedon. However, I WILL eventually put the 'before' and 'after' pics of all the rooms on here, there aren't too many left, and I've just added a couple more.